My Miss Fancypants

Happy Birthday to My Miss Fancypants

Today is my Miss Fancypant’s 6th birthday. (Not her real name, of course. My girl is called Miss Priss although after potty training her I generally just call her Kiddo.)

IMG_4857 - Copy

Above is the obligatory picture of her with one of the Nosy Newfie books. That look is “Mom, why are you taking pictures of me instead of helping me find the baby bunnies that are hiding out right under my feet?”

And here she is looking like the grand dame she is:

IMG_4846 - Copy

My girl has lupus so this time of year is rough on her nose. Between the sunlight and the bunnies hiding under the ramp it’s a challenge to keep her nose from completely falling apart, but I figure she doesn’t have all that many years to enjoy life so if she wants to be out and about in the spring when it’s not too miserably hot for her, then I’ll let her do it.

Love her to pieces.

And now time to write the next cozy so I can include her fear of hiccups. 🙂

Good thing she can’t read or I’d be hearing “Mom, why did you tell people about that?”