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Cozy #4 Update

Cozy #4 is in the works. I am making progress on it. I had hoped to have it finalized and published by mid-July, but I’m thinking it’ll be later than that at this point. (I try not to commit to specific dates because then it’s disappointing if I miss them. Sooner rather than later, though.)

Rest assured it is the book I’m working on now; I just need to work through a few story issues.

I love writing this series, mostly because I love Miss Fancypants as much as I love my real-life equivalent to her. And I also love all the wonderful characters that surround Maggie as well.

In this one I’m struggling a little more with trying to find that balance between writing about something bad happening but also keeping it fun and humorous. There’s a kid involved and I’m also including some bunny obsession issues for Miss Fancypants. Both of those could go a little too dark if I’m not careful, so it’s taking some extra time to make sure the series continues to feel “cozy”. (My mom called me on something in the last book already.)

Also, for those of you who’ve read the series to date you’ll know that I’ve chosen to write a cozy series where the characters have lives outside of the mystery. Finding that balance between covering those other developments and covering the mystery has been another challenge I’m working through since some pretty significant events are happening on that front as well.

So that’s where we are. The book is coming. And, since it won’t write itself, time for me to get back to it.