Checking In

Hope you’re all doing well in these crazy times. I decided to go ahead and try something I’d thought about doing at the beginning of the year before things really went crazy, which is that I started a Facebook page for pretty pictures and tied it to the cozies.

If you’re on Facebook you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Fancypants-Mysteries-100154095055634/

My goal is to post pictures of my Miss Fancypants probably once a week and of pretty places or babies or other eye-catching images on a regular basis. I don’t expect to talk a lot there, just share beauty.

As I said in the pinned post, social media is not something I’m very good at because I’d rather be out spending time with my pup and reading. But I do think it would be nice to have a “safe” space to run to this year, so we’ll try it and see how it goes.

Other than that…

I spent most of the time since the last release doing administrative work on my non-fiction titles. It was something I could be productive at without having to be creative. I still want to write more Matt and Maggie and Miss Fancypants stories and I’ve definitely been having Maggie-esque thoughts about things the last couple months, but it’s tricky to write humor about a serious situation. I’ll probably do it because there is so much humor to be had in the midst of this. (Am I the only whose friends suddenly became master bakers when they were forced to stay home?)

But it’ll be a little bit still. And it’ll be a new series so that those who just want the happy pre-crazy story can get it, complete with “and they lived happily ever after.”

I did think of the last book the other night when I was heating up pinto beans my grandma had made me and my dad’s green chili my mom had made me for dinner. I’m lucky compared to Maggie because my mom and my grandma are actually still here for me. No tortillas, though. Haven’t been able to get my mom to make those for me in at least a decade and I’m horrible at making them myself. Ah, family. Treasure them.

Anyway. Hope you’re all well and taking care of yourselves and spending quality time with your dogs and family if you can.


New Covers Are Here

Almost. Amazon and ebook retailers should have them. All the other print sites will have them in the next couple of days.

And I have to say that I’m in love.

Because these covers fix an annoying issue that I at least had noticed with my print versions, which was that the blue color of the spine and back didn’t always match. One of the two printers I use seems to print the color as a more purplish-blue than the other. So I have six books on my shelf and they aren’t all the same color but they’re not different enough either.

So these new covers fix that issue. Because each one is its own color now and a distinct enough color you can’t mistake one for the other.

I also took the opportunity to change the font used on the spines and back cover to a font that I think works better.

And obviously the front cover images have changed a lot as well. This solved another issue with the print books. Because the printers print a book each time someone makes an order there can be variance between copies in how much space is cut off at the top, bottom, or side. Yesterday I received two copies of the old cover for the latest book and one had a 1/4 inch border at the top whereas the other had no border at the top. With these newer covers that should be much less noticeable.

I will miss having Fancy on the cover of each book, but that had to happen, too. There was a certain subset of readers that thought she’d be the one solving each mystery not Maggie May and were disappointed when that wasn’t the case, so this hopefully helps with that as well.

Anyway. Probably TMI, but there you have it. New covers but hopefully those who liked the old ones had a chance to buy all six before the switchover.

Hope you’re all doing well during these crazy times.


Paperback of Poisoned Past on B&N

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that the paperback version of A Poisoned Past and Puppermints is now available on B&N. AND, as they do with new releases, it’s on sale, so for however long this lasts you can order it for $5.85 instead of $7.99.

As I mentioned before, Amazon is delaying shipments of books right now, so for you print folks this will probably be the faster option.


Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

And It’s Here!

Book six in the Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries series, A Poisoned Past and Puppermints, is here and live.

(Amazon Ebook, Amazon Print, Apple, Kobo, Nook, Google, Universal Link)

A Poisoned Past v1

As normal, the paperback is trailing a bit, but is available on Amazon already. Although I will warn you that from what I’m seeing on my end Amazon is at least five days behind on shipping any books. Paperback sales I’m seeing reported as shipped today were ordered at least five days ago.

If I did my job correctly you should happy cry at the end but I will warn you now that it’s a little more dark in a few places than the other books.

(Not things that happen on the page so much as things that happened in the past. Mostly I’m thinking of my mom reading these and what points she’s going to ding me on. So, for example, she wasn’t happy when Hans was injured. There’s something related to motive in this one that I also know she’ll mention to me in a not happy sort of way.)

So, basically, not 100% light and fluffy, but a lot more light and fluffy than our current reality.

I had been planning on waiting until April 3rd to release this book because that’s the 25th anniversary of when my dad passed away and I’m weirdly superstitious in ways like that, but I figured it was better to just get it out to you guys as soon as I possibly could. And, of course, some of you have already found it, which is crazy but impressive.

Also, this may be the last on for a little while. I don’t want to introduce a pandemic into that world and it’s really a struggle to write about a world where life is carrying on as normal when this one isn’t. In addition, this one ends at a really good place so I’d like to let Matt and Maggie have that happy moment for a bit.

I will probably be changing up the covers in a month or so. I didn’t want to do it yet because some people (like my mom) really like the current ones and as a reader I really hate when a series changes covers on me midway through. So for those of you who buy print and where that matters to you, probably best to buy sooner rather than later. For those of you who buy print and didn’t like the covers, well, you’ll have a new choice sometime down the road so may want to wait.

Take care of yourselves out there. Stay home, read lots of books, and make your furry friends happy.

Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

Good News…

Right now it feels like the world is on fire and not in a good way. (At least for me it does.) So I thought I’d drop in and share a little good news.

First, I am very close to having book six done. I never like to commit to set publication dates because you never know when a pandemic will come along and wreck all your plans, but I’m hoping to get it finalized and out this week. Right now I’m re-reading books one through five right to make sure it all flows together. It’s something I should do before every release, but I don’t always. But this one wraps up a big arc of Matt and Maggie so I wanted to make sure of things before I go through the final draft of this latest book.

So, hopefully a new book in a week or so.

In the meantime, because reading books is how I cope with life and you may be the same, I’ve put a lot of my other books on sale. (Dead Man is also now on sale for 99 cents and Crazy Cat Lady for $2.99, but I assume you’ve read those already.)

Keep in mind that there is a reason I use pen names. Some of these other books have cussing in them. Or darker themes. But if you read a wide variety of titles, then you may want to check them out. There are also some non-fiction books I put on sale including a cookbook for beginners and one on budgeting that may be useful.

I could only do the ebooks because the print have underlying costs I can’t get around, so sorry to you print readers. (I’m one myself.)

Take care of yourselves out there. Mentally and physically. Hug your dogs. Virtually hug your family. It’s going to be hard, but we’ll get through.

(Click on the images for a page with links to the various retailers or you can just look them up on your favorite retailer. Only Erelia is exclusive to Amazon.)


Riders-Revenge-The-Complete-Trilogy-GenericThe Rider’s Revenge Trilogy: ($4.99 USD) A feminist YA fantasy adventure trilogy about a young girl who sets out to avenge her father and finds herself caught up in much bigger issues.



Erelia blue flame 20151222v5Erelia: (Available on Amazon Only, $2.99 USD and in KU) A dystopian utopia. Life seems perfect on the surface, but the reader sees just what horrible actions create that perfection. Also has a pandemic subplot. (I had unpublished this one just because I thought it needed a sequel and I wasn’t sure when I’d write that sequel, so be forewarned.)


A-Dead-Man-and-Doggie-Delights-KindleA Dead Man and Doggie Delights: (99 cents) First in what will soon be a six-book cozy mystery series set in the Colorado mountains. For lovers of Newfoundland dogs, Colorado, and quirky characters who like a little murder on the side. (Book 2, A Crazy Cat Lady and Canine Crunchies is also reduced to $2.99 USD.)


Something-Worth-Having-KindleSomething Worth Having ($2.99 USD): Contemporary romance bordering on women’s fiction. About a woman facing a breast cancer diagnosis who goes on a road trip with a man she is absolutely not allowed to fall in love with. (A related but standalone title, Something Gained, is also just $2.99 right now.


Non-Fiction ($2.99 USD each)

Excel for Beginners open sans boldv2

Excel for Beginners: A guide to Microsoft Excel for those who need to master the basics.



Budgeting for Beginners open sans

Budgeting for Beginners: A book that will teach you how to figure out where you are financially, judge what that means, and give tips for how to improve. Especially helpful right now for those who are finding themselves without a steady paycheck, because it covers how to approach irregular income like that. (Also available in audio as the Juggling Your Finances Starter Kit.)

Quick--Easy-Cooking-for-One-KindleQuick & Easy Cooking for One: Exactly what it says. A guide to cooking for yourself for the absolute beginner. More concept-based than step-by-step, but it does include recipes.



Writing for Beginners open sans

Writing for Beginners: An overview of what a beginning writer should know to get started. Includes discussions of point of view, tense, as well as agents and publishing paths. (Also available in audio under the title The Beginning Writer’s Guide to What You Should Know.)


Dont Be a Douchebag PC version 20160803v10Don’t Be a Douchebag: Online Dating Advice I Wish Men Would Take: A snarky guide to online dating for men who aren’t doing so well at it. (Also available in audio. Some retailers may have a different cover.)



Barnes and Noble…Gah

My mom likes to buy my paperbacks on Barnes & Noble. And usually that isn’t an issue because the book is up within about two days of my publishing it and since she buys her books every Tuesday (new release day for most trade publishers), it’s always there when she’s ready to buy.

But not this time. Almost two weeks after I’d published the book it still wasn’t showing on their website. So I published it direct with them. And they said it was published, but it still wasn’t showing on their website. So I emailed them.

And they sent me a link as if it had been there all along and I was just missing something obvious.

So I don’t know if you can find it via search now or not, but here you go. A direct link to the product page: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-sabotaged-celebration-and-salmon-snaps-aleksa-baxter/1135985083?ean=9781078766548

If you buy in print from Barnes & Noble the latest release is finally available. Sorry for the delay.

My Miss Fancypants, Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

Happy New Year! Happy New Release!

First, I hope your new year is off to a great start. One week in and I’m so far cautiously optimistic about it. The weather has been nice enough that the pup and I have managed a walk every single day so far. (She’ll walk in anything if it isn’t too hot. I draw the line at snow, rain, or temperatures below about 25 degrees Fahrenheit.)

I tried to find her a new doggie daycare last week and that did not work well. I don’t trust any place that smells that badly. So we will continue with her walking the neighborhood, toy in mouth, looking for dogs to bark at her.

But enough about us. Time to let you know that cozy #5 in the Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries series, A Sabotaged Celebration and Salmon Snaps is now out. I tried very hard to get the paperback and ebook versions out at the same time but ran into a bit of a snafu with the print version, so it may take a day or two for it to get to all the locations it needs to. (It was either that or release a print version with random chapters that had no page numbering.)

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite cover yet. Hope you enjoy it!

Amazon Ebook, Amazon Paperback, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google

And updated for B&N Print.

sabotaged celebration v10


A Little Note About Apple

I’ve been working on moving my books that are listed on Apple from a distributor to direct. Normally this isn’t something that would impact any readers so it isn’t something I’d mention, but I just realized there is one thing that will impact Apple readers, which is reviews.

Because of how Apple is set up I can’t link the old version of each book to the new one so any reviews that were left on the old version of the book are going to be lost when it unpublishes in the next day or so. I’m very sorry about that for anyone who took the time to leave a review and thank you for doing so. So if you’re wondering what happened, that’s what it was.

The new version of the book on Apple is available here. (It’s currently the version without reviews but that will hopefully change over time.)

And as a thank you for letting me interrupt you with this administrivia, have a picture of what I now get to see from my desk every single day. A picture of my pup telling me to get back to work (while the real one sleeps down the hall from me) and a picture of New Zealand to remind me of the beauty in this world.

IMG_4974 - Copy

My Miss Fancypants

Ah, Prednisone…

This is one of those stories that won’t make it into one of the cozies because in the books Miss Fancypants does not in fact have lupus like my own girl does.

She’s had it for years now, since she was about two years old. And even though her nose usually looks pretty awful it never seems to bother her much. But recently the lupus had spread to her eyes and there was a lot of crusting around the eyes that I had to remove for her multiple times a day.

(The things dog moms do for their pups…)

Anyway. It finally got to the point–on a Friday night at five o’clock, of course–where pup’s eyes were not only crusted but were starting to bleed like her nose can. So we went to the vet. And she went on a seven-week course of prednisone as well as getting some great eye ointment.

It worked fantastically. Pup’s nose hasn’t looked this good in years.


She is ravenous. All the time. This is a dog that normally will walk past a chip when it’s accidentally dropped on the floor because it’s not in her food bowl. The past few days she’s been licking the carpet. And barking to be given more food. And clawing at the food container. Not at all like her normal mellow and polite self.

So the prednisone has been good for her. I’m glad she took it. But we are on green bean, pumpkin, ice cube, and carrot overload for another week here in Fancyland so it’ll be good for her to be off it, too. I am counting the days because this is a face it’s hard to say no to…

Irresistible Miss Priss

(And her nose looks even better than that right now.)

Also, in other news, I expect the next cozy will be out in January at the latest. And in the meantime I used my “thinking” time to put together a little pixels.com store with some art of the pup and her “uncle”, Shadow.