Maggie May and Miss Fancypants Mysteries

A seven-book series set in the Colorado mountains that’s full of family, friends, mysteries to solve, one adorable Newfoundland dog, and one very handsome cop.

The first in the series, A Dead Man and Doggie Delights, (Apple, Kobo, Nook, Google, Amazon, Universal Link, paperback ISBN 9781950902606, large print paperback ISBN 9781637440001, large print hard cover ISBN 9781637440094) follows Maggie May as she tries to find the real murderer before her grandpa is sent away to prison. (Again.)

(Also available in large print format and possibly at your local library-just ask if you don’t see it in the library catalog). For U.S. and Canadian customers, if you buy the print version through there is a discount on the print price.

And once you’ve finished that one…Continue the adventure with the rest of the series.

Paperback ISBN 9781950902613,
Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440018,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440100
Paperback ISBN 9781950902620,
Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440025,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440117
Paperback ISBN 9781950902637,
Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440032,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440124
Paperback ISBN 9781950902651,
Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440056,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440131
Paperback ISBN 9781950902668,
Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440049,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440148
Paperback ISBN 9781950902682,
Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440063,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440155

Paperback ISBN 9781950902699,
Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440261,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440278

The series also has a few related holiday short stories. The Halloween short story is set between books 4 and 5. The housebound story is set after book 6 (although read this post before buying).

Paperback ISBN 9781950902644, Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440070,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440162
Paperback ISBN 9781950902675, Large Print PB ISBN 9781637440087,
Large Print HC ISBN 9781637440179

OR, if you’re ready to just dive right in, you can try the collections instead for $9.99 each in ebook, a savings of almost 20% off of buying each one individually. The collection with books 4 through 6 in it also includes Halloween at the Baker Valley Barkery & Cafe. (The collections are also available in a regular print format, see ISBN listed below.)

(Apple, Kobo, Nook, Amazon, Universal Link, Print ISBN 9781950902842)
(Apple, Kobo, Nook, Amazon, Universal Link, Print ISBN 9781950902859)