Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

Cozy #4 Is Out!

Alright. Took me a little longer than I’d wanted, but Maggie May and Miss Fancypants are back and solving mysteries yet again. Well, Maggie is. Fancy has a bit of a bunny obsession going on.

Ebook is already up on the main sites except Apple/iTunes and that should happen sometime today. It’s also on its way to all the other sites as well.

Paperback should hit Amazon today but it probably won’t be linked to the ebook for a few more days so you’ll have to just search for it to find it until that happens. The paperback version will also be rolling out to all the other fine places that carry paperbacks over the next few days.

Click on the image below to be taken to your preferred store. If that doesn’t work, here’s the Amazon US link.

missing mom v5

Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

Cozy #4 Update

Cozy #4 is in the works. I am making progress on it. I had hoped to have it finalized and published by mid-July, but I’m thinking it’ll be later than that at this point. (I try not to commit to specific dates because then it’s disappointing if I miss them. Sooner rather than later, though.)

Rest assured it is the book I’m working on now; I just need to work through a few story issues.

I love writing this series, mostly because I love Miss Fancypants as much as I love my real-life equivalent to her. And I also love all the wonderful characters that surround Maggie as well.

In this one I’m struggling a little more with trying to find that balance between writing about something bad happening but also keeping it fun and humorous. There’s a kid involved and I’m also including some bunny obsession issues for Miss Fancypants. Both of those could go a little too dark if I’m not careful, so it’s taking some extra time to make sure the series continues to feel “cozy”. (My mom called me on something in the last book already.)

Also, for those of you who’ve read the series to date you’ll know that I’ve chosen to write a cozy series where the characters have lives outside of the mystery. Finding that balance between covering those other developments and covering the mystery has been another challenge I’m working through since some pretty significant events are happening on that front as well.

So that’s where we are. The book is coming. And, since it won’t write itself, time for me to get back to it.

Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

And Cozy #3 Is Out!

A Buried Body and Barkery Bites is now live in paperback and ebook on Amazon and in ebook on Google, Kobo, Nook, and a whole slew of other places. It’ll also be on Apple soon. The link above will take you to Amazon or you can click here to find all the stores where it’s available. And, don’t forget, it should also be available through most libraries, but you just may have to ask your librarian for help.

(And, by the way, this is not my dad’s birthday, but my mom wanted it out in time for her to order a copy for my grandpa for U.S. Mother’s Day on the 12th. So I’ll be doing a little price promo on book 1 for my dad’s birthday instead.)


buried body

Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

A Few Announcements

The cozies are no longer in KU as of just now. I’m sorry about that for those of you who read in KU, but they will be up and available through libraries within the next few days so they will still be available for those who want to read them for “free”. (I know KU isn’t technically free, but it can feel that way.)

You may have to ask your librarian to stock that particular book, but if they have Overdrive, Baked & Taylor, or bibliotheca they should be able to get it for you and most librarians are happy to do so if they know they have someone who will want to read the book.

Also, cozy #3 will be out within the next two weeks. I realized we were fast approaching what would’ve been my dad’s 70th birthday (he passed away 24 years ago) and I decided I wanted to publish this one on that day both in his memory and because it felt auspicious to do so. So watch this space, it won’t be long.

Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

The New Cozy is Live

Sorry for the delay (I was hoping to have this one out at the beginning of the month), but it’s finally here! A Crazy Cat Lady and Canine Crunchies is on Amazon in ebook and is available in KU. Paperback should be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the next couple of days.

This time around it’s Maggie who’s accused of murder after the woman who wants to turn Maggie’s dog barkery into a cat cafe is found dead.

crazy cat lady 19

Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

A Slight Delay

My original plan was to have book two in the Nosy Newfie series out in early February, so three months after the first book released. I figured that was a good timeline that I could meet on a fairly consistent basis.

But writing is a funny thing. And it turns out that about a third of the way into the new novel I realized I was writing the wrong one. Based on how people were talking to each other and interacting, what I’d written needed to be book three in the series not book two.

So that sent me back to the starting point. (This after about three false starts on the novel trying to make sure it was that perfect mix of light-hearted murder mystery and wasn’t going too dark and that the love interest storyline wasn’t taking too much of the focus or moving ahead too fast.)

Which is all to say that there will be a novel two. And it will be out sooner rather than later. But probably more late February than early February.

And don’t hold me to that. Although that’s definitely the goal I will delay publication if I have to to make sure the book is enjoyable to read. I love Maggie May and Miss Fancypants and want to be able to keep writing these books for you, but that means getting it “right” before I hit publish.

Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

Write What You Love

I’m about to hit publish on my first-ever cozy mystery. And while it’s not the first novel I’ve written (I have two romances and a YA fantasy series published under other names), it is the first time I gave myself free rein to simply write what I love.

Often writers are given the advice to write what you know, but this summer at RWA I heard a speaker, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, talking about writing for your Id. Basically, her arguments was that if you love something enough as a writer and include it in your books that you’ll find readers who love it just as much as you do.

I hope she was right. Because that’s exactly what I did in writing A Dead Man and Doggie Delights, the first in my Nosy Newfie Cozy Mystery Series. This series of books is going to be all about what I love.

Colorado mountains? Check

Crazy family that you still love despite everything? Check

A good friend that you can run a business with? Check

A Newfie that’s as much a part of your life as any person? Check

A tall, dark, and handsome man you don’t have time to fall for? Check

Coke and toasted PBJ sandwiches? Check and Check

And, of course, there’s the added bonus of being able to kill off in a book that person who barked at my dog who I wasn’t allowed to kill off in real life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

(If you don’t, that’s okay, too, because this was the most fun I’ve had writing a novel yet and I can’t wait to do it again.)