About Me

First things first, Aleksa Baxter is a pen name, so sorry to disappoint if you were looking for an interesting story behind how my parents came up with that. I do share a lot in common with the main character of my main cozy series, Maggie May–like a love of Coke and the Colorado mountains–but not everything. That’s the beauty of writing, you take all sorts of little pieces from reality, smush them together and come up with something completely different.

Another way I am like Maggie is that I do have a Newfie. She is very much the inspiration for Miss Fancypants. I love her to pieces. She, of course, much like Fancy, loves all men more than me…Sigh. Such is life.

I hope you enjoy the books. They certainly are fun for me to write.

And if you want to see photos of my girl as well as other photos I find happy-making, then check out my FB page: Miss Fancypants Mysteries where every Monday I post a picture of a Newfie (usually mine, but sometimes her uncle) and usually once a week I post some other pretty picture, too.