Goodbye My Sweet Girl

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my sweet girl. Picture on the top left was the first day she came to live with me. (I had not intended to own a dog but my mom’s dog attacked her so she couldn’t stay there. Hence the hiding under her water bowl stand.)

She was a bright, sweet girl from the start and I pretty much rearranged my life to make hers a good one. I figured no one asked me to take responsibility for her so if I was going to do that, I’d do it right.

And she paid back every sacrifice and foolish decision I made for her with all the love and loyalty in the world. She made me a better person and I’ll miss her terribly.

But it was time. She was struggling to stand up and it wasn’t getting better. (Didn’t stop her from wanting her daily walks, but I could see she was in pain.)

We almost made it to her 10th birthday and I think that’s a pretty amazing thing, really. Picture on the far right is from just a couple days ago. She never lost that sweet but stubborn spirit.

If you loved Miss Fancypants in the books, you’d’ve loved Miss Priss, too. She was absolutely my inspiration for those books and half of the reason you ended up with so many of them, because she’d do one or two things and I’d think, “Well, now I have to write another one so I can put that in it.”

So (if you have one) give your pup a hug today. And, if you want to honor my girl, a yummy treat or puppy ice cream while you’re at it.

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