A Few Quick Notes

First, if you ever notice a typo in one of my books feel free to send me an email about it. (aleksabaxterwriter at gmail) For the ebook version it’s pretty easy for me to fix and I do like to correct typos when I become aware of them. For print on Amazon I can also fix those easily. For print not on Amazon I may or may not be able to fix it.

But I do want to know.

The reason I bring this up is that it seems someone was kind enough to report a couple of typos to Amazon that I also found during my recent re-read of the whole series.

Amazon didn’t let me know about them so I didn’t know about those reports until I uploaded new files with those issues corrected and suddenly Amazon was like, “Oh, hey, way to correct those quality issues.”

So if you want me to know about the issues so I can fix them, email direct. Probably the same goes for other authors as well.

Also, it didn’t happen with me but I have heard of other authors getting books pulled or threatened to be pulled for a typo report. And for some authors who have things structured differently they may not have the ability to easily update their files like I do. So better to go direct and understand that it won’t always be an easy fix for every author.

Two, now through July 8th the ebook of book four in the series, A Missing Mom and Mutt Munchies is going to be free in celebration of the latest release. And I’ve put the ebook of A Dead Man and Doggie Delights to free and plan to keep it there going forward.

This also means that the two first collections for the series that include Books 1 through 3 and then Books 4 through 6 as well as the Halloween short story will be reduced in price during those same periods so no one is paying extra just to get the collection.

And, three, the ebook version of Books 7 through 9 and the Housebound short story is now live. Paperback to follow soon.

Oh, and also, when I re-read Salacious Scandal I realized that having two characters named Evan in the same book was confusing so I renamed Evan Browers to Owen Browers. He’s only mentioned in that book so it shouldn’t cause an issue unless someone refreshes the book mid-read and you had already started reading it. (So don’t do that.)

But if that is you, now you know what happened.

(And in general with my books at least you don’t need to update when I update a file. Usually it’s because I’m adding new books to the Also By section or making a minor correction like replacing a comma with a period. If it’s big, I’ll let you know here. And that’s probably true for other authors as well. My rule would be, don’t worry about updating unless you read something and think, “What on earth?” and then go look to see if the file was updated.)

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