A Holiday Surprise

First, Happy Holidays! I hope you and yours (including your furry friends) are well. I am currently sitting here typing away to the snores of my girl as she keeps me company. Finally I’ve found an office setup she likes enough to actually be in the office when I am! Victory is mine.

Now for the surprise: There’s a new Maggie May and Miss Fancypants Mystery available!

I hit publish yesterday so it’s still making its way through the various channels and into the various formats, but it should be fully available everywhere by Christmas when we will all need a few days of downtime to recover from the season and this crazy year and family who we have missed dearly I am sure but are still family. (Or you could read it now, which is why I just went and hit publish instead of put it on pre-order until mid-January.)

I will update the links in this post as each version becomes available, but here’s what we have for now: Universal Link, Apple, Amazon, Nook, Google, Kobo, Amazon Regular Paperback (ISBN 978-1-950902-69-9), and Amazon Large Print Paperback (ISBN 978-1-63744-026-1).

Paperbacks are making their way to other stores. Here are the Nook Regular Paperback and Nook Large Print Paper back links. As well as the Large Print Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-63744-027-8) version on Amazon.

(Also, just a reminder that the hard cover version is a case laminate version, meaning it doesn’t have a removable cover like a standard hard cover you’d buy in the store. This version is mostly there for libraries to purchase, but obviously you’re welcome to do so if you want.)

Just when Maggie May Carver thinks her life is finally going to settle into happy newlywed bliss, a very scary man finds her and asks for her help in solving a thirty-six-year-old murder.

While a smart person would say no, Maggie feels compelled to at least give it a chance.

And good thing, too, because she’s going to need the distraction given the other things that are disrupting her bliss…

Join Maggie, Fancy, Matt, and crew as they dive into yet another situation that they should have left alone but that’s ultimately better for their involvement.

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