A Little Note About Apple

I’ve been working on moving my books that are listed on Apple from a distributor to direct. Normally this isn’t something that would impact any readers so it isn’t something I’d mention, but I just realized there is one thing that will impact Apple readers, which is reviews.

Because of how Apple is set up I can’t link the old version of each book to the new one so any reviews that were left on the old version of the book are going to be lost when it unpublishes in the next day or so. I’m very sorry about that for anyone who took the time to leave a review and thank you for doing so. So if you’re wondering what happened, that’s what it was.

The new version of the book on Apple is available here. (It’s currently the version without reviews but that will hopefully change over time.)

And as a thank you for letting me interrupt you with this administrivia, have a picture of what I now get to see from my desk every single day. A picture of my pup telling me to get back to work (while the real one sleeps down the hall from me) and a picture of New Zealand to remind me of the beauty in this world.

IMG_4974 - Copy

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