Nosy Newfie Cozy Mysteries

A New Holiday Short

I started writing cozy #5 and realized that Maggie just needed a little break to be in love with Matt and have some fun. So while the next mystery is in the works, I wrote a short story involving Maggie, Matt, Fancy, and a crazy Halloween pet parade. When Jack and Sam are responsible for the contestants you know there’ll be a few surprises…

Note that there is no mystery in this one, so it’s just for those who love the dog and people side of the cozies.

It’s out today and just 99 cents in ebook. ($5.99 in print. Sorry for that but that’s about as cheap as I can get a print book given my printing options.)

It should be up everywhere in the next day or so, but in the meantime here are the Amazon US links for ebook and print.



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